Youth Chinese Drama Ep 1 – Our girls are back in this Chinese version of Adolescence. The show aired in the summer of 2018, and the total number of episodes increases with the total of AOY episodes 1 and 2. One can assume that Young will combine season 1 and 2 into one show.

We have Ni Jin (Kang Yi Na), Lin Xiao Chun (Yoo Eun Jae), Zhang Sheng Nan (Yoon Jin Myung), Chen Chen Chen (Jung Ye Eun) and Han Yi Tong (Song Ji Won)

Youth Chinese Drama Ep 1

Youth Chinese Drama Ep 1

I am… very confused by Lin Xiao Chun’s (Eun Jae) hair. The bangs look super weird. THEY PAY FOR THEMSELVES. However, the actress delivered Eun Jae’s personality really well. I think everyone did a good job with their character, but since Lin Xiao Chun was the main focus of the episode, like Eun Jae in Age of Youth, her personality is the one that came through the most. I have to say though, so far I prefer Ryu Hwa Young’s portrayal of Kang Yi Na.

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Except for the characters, the dialogue is almost like a kdrama. According to comments on Viki, this custom version copies the original. I actually went through the first chapter of Age of Youth to see how similar the Youth are, and some lines are repeated word for word. Your enjoyment really depends on your expectations. If you’re looking for a remake that closely follows the original or has a plot twist (like Smile Has Your Left Eyes) then I don’t think this is for you. I personally don’t mind her being exactly the same, but it would be nice to have a little change throughout her career. I will continue to watch it because I want to see how the Chinese version with different actors will compare to the Korean version. Han Yi Tong (Ji Won) was not introduced in this episode, so I am very curious to see how well he will portray our crazy Ji Won. And since the same actor will portray Lin Xiao Chun (Eun Jae) in all episodes, I have no doubt that her character will be more consistent. I also wonder if they will introduce the new couple after they are done with the season 1 episodes. I don’t see another girl in the cast section of her MDL page so maybe this cdrama is different?

Honestly, my only problem so far is Lin Xiao Chun’s hair lol. If anyone has seen this update or wants to watch it, I’d love to talk to you about it! A light drama that tries to be dark; Dark drama tries to light. Passed this the first time I saw it but now I’m trying it because I’m a new fan of Yu Shu Xin.

This drama revolves around this closet. All five girls have their own Pandora’s box, a secret they cannot reveal. However, with each other’s support, they develop the strength to face their greatest fears and become even better people.

[Ep1] Lin Xiao Chun is the new partner of the other four girls. On her first day at college she meets her prince charming, no he’s not the cute football boyfriend, he’s the other guy with the long hair. Taste it, lol. Although I love the potential romance, it’s the part of living with roommates that resonates.

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[Ep4] The perfect life of Ni Jin (a charming lady from a rich family with a prestigious education) is not as perfect as it is portrayed. Everything she said was a lie. She has three friends, all of whom work for her. In other words, he is a hooker. A proud hooker. Meanwhile, Chen Chen Chen, usually happy and cheerful, can be really cheeky at times. I don’t know who I love more…

[Ep6] The famous kiss scene between Chen Chen Chen and Ni Jin after CCC calls her dirty mouth.

[Ep10] Yang Yu and Xiao Chun are really the cutest couple. The girls organize a party as an excuse to invite the men to provide more “Yang” aura to spread the spirit of the closet. Xiao Chun wants to invite her lover, but with Yang Yu’s intervention, she is rejected. He cries and cries in front of Yang Yu. He asks her what she likes about her crush and she tells him: everything. She loves the way he looks, the way he sounds, the words he uses, just everything. Hearing this, poor Yang Yu’s heart was burning little by little.

Youth Chinese Drama Ep 1

D-Day arrives, and Yang Yu is the first to show up at the party (with flowers). The party emerges as a failure. However, he successfully confesses and moves Xiao Chun’s tender heart.

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[Ep12] Two episodes later, Xiao Chun and Yang Yu go on their first date. He goes in for a kiss but instead his head falls off.

[Ep14] All the girls who protect Ji Nin’s piece lol. They help Sheng Nan take her part-time shift at the convenience store.

[Ep20] Ni Jin officially gives up her life as a hoker. He finds his first job and takes his first trip on the subway. Sheng Nan is her secret model.

[Ep21] Meanwhile, Sheng Nan also takes a step forward in her love life. He asks Jiang Heng for a date. The boy bursts into laughter. But it’s really her farewell to him and to everyone. This episode is really sad. Her mother withdraws her son’s life support in order to free her daughter. I cried.

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The episode gets even darker. The girl, Gao Lin, kidnaps Chen Chen Chen. He is a psychopath. The puzzle pieces finally fit. There is a reason why the two of them, Gao Lin and Chen Chen Chen, are so obsessed with each other. Both of them have an inferiority complex. When they are together, he gives her the love she wants, and she gives him the admiration she needs. Gao Lin is actually mentally ill though related to his mother’s abandonment.

[Ep22] Daaaamn. Now it’s scary. Gao Lin brutally slaps her to shut her up. He tied her legs and gagged her.

[Ep23] As if possessed by a spirit, Xiao Chun calmly walks up to a horrified Gao Lin, who hands him a knife, telling him to kill her. I seriously thought he cut her neck when she collapsed. It was just her hand… Drama is finally returning to its lighthearted self. Chen Chen Chen is seeing a psychiatrist but instead of talking about himself, he’s yelling at all his roommates LOL.

Youth Chinese Drama Ep 1

Yi Tong’s myth is revealed. The closet ghost she was talking about was all a lie. She wanted to confess but never found the right time. Although the ghost of the closet does not exist, it symbolizes the fear and guilt that exists in every girl.

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[Ep24] The girls attend the funeral of Sheng Nan’s brother. The three girls without Ji Nin try really hard to cry at the funeral, especially Yi Tong (lol) but instead they start laughing. Aw. It’s so inappropriate but also so appropriate.

[Ep25] I’m surprised that Ni Jin really loved the old man. Does he like the type of father figure? And why did she cut her hair so badly?

The only interview that makes me laugh. The interviewer asks Yang Yu all these questions about his love for Xiao Chun and gets the same answer for everything: “She’s so beautiful” and the same goofy smile every time he says it.

[Ep26] Pandora’s box opens. Each girl reveals her deepest darkest secrets all to comfort Chen Chen Chen who has just gone through a trauma himself. Xiao Chun confesses that he is responsible for his father’s death. Sheng Nan reveals that she was actually relieved when her mother pulled her brother’s life support. Ni Jin admits her part in another girl’s death. Yi Tong admits that it is a myth, a habit that started from the presence of her mother’s disappearance. In the end, Chen Chen Chen bursts into tears and recounts all the traumas he went through under Gao Lin’s brutality.

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By the way, it’s a happy ending. Yi Tong and He Lin may not be official yet, but they are right there! So close. Yang Yu and Xiao Chun are stable and still sweet. Chen Chen Chen begins to love himself. Ma Ke finally confesses to Ni Jin that she is working hard to improve herself. Sheng Nan gives up everything to find herself, but doesn’t forget to give some love to Jiang Heng.

Lin Xiao Chun & Yang Yu: Hot and handsome guy and simple, shy girl. If there is a strange taste in men (with long silky hair), Yang Yu also happens (in girls with strange curls). Her discomfort radiates from her soul and this is probably what catches him the first time he lays eyes on her. His sweet (drunk) confession makes her swoon and that puts him on her radar. She never thought that such a man could love her. But he does and he likes it a lot.

Han Yi Tong & Zhang He Lin: The rival couple. I think

Youth Chinese Drama Ep 1

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